Strength of JPTK
The project can produce 150,000 tons of high-precision wide copper strip and 50,000 tons of copper foil products annually.
The advantages of copper plate are wide and high precision
Are Wabious Specifications and High Precision
Patents & Honors
Product Reserves
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JPTK with a total investment of 2.5 billion, covers an area of 325 acres, and the project can produce 150,000 tons of high-precision wide copper strip and 50,000 tons of copper foil products annually.
Perfect quality system
JPTK has passed ISO9001: 2008, 1S014001 environmental system certification and ISO18001 occupational health and safety system certification. In 2015, the quality of Jinpin Copper products has reached the EU technical standards, and copper products have officially entered the international market. High-precision products are required according to American ASTM standards.
high-precision production equipment
The core of the process adopts 10 tons of large ingots, the yield is 7% higher than that of the same industry, high power, short distance, nitrogen, hydrogen gas protection bright annealing furnace, online automatic shearing and packaging, and the product delivery time is among the best in the industry.
Continuous scientific and technological innovation
Jinpin has its own provincial enterprise technology center and engineering technology research center. It has obtained 113 patents, including 4 invention patents, and 14 products have been identified as key new products and famous brand products in Jiangxi Province.
Abundant production capacity and abundant reserves
The existing equipment production capacity is 300,000 tons of copper processing materials, and the main products are: various grades and specifications of high-precision wide copper plates, copper strips, copper ingots, copper rods, copper bars, copper rods, copper wires, high-temperature resistant flat enameled wires, various copper handicrafts, etc. JPTK is one of the well-known large-scale copper production and processing enterprises in China.
Absorb professional and elite talents
The company has all kinds of professional titles, and technical personnel account for more than 30% of the total employees. Most of the company's technical and management personnel come from well-known central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and listed companies. The business team has more than 5 years of industry experience to provide you with professional and fast services.
JPTK Copper for Energy Storage, 5G Communications, and Power Equipment Industries
Copper Plate,Copper Strip,Copper Bar,Copper Rod
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